Mr Alam Hannan




Year qualified:


Country of qualification:


Registration & Memberships

Registration and licensing

  • General Medical Council No. 4473840

Memberships and associations

  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • British Association of ORL-HNS (ENT-UK)
  • British Rhinological Society
  • European Rhinologic Society
  • Facial Plastic Surgery UK

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Bengali

Mr Alam Hannan

Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist - Head & Neck Surgeon


After qualifying from King’s College London, Mr. Hannan remained in the capital to pursue postgraduate training in otorhinolaryngology – head and neck surgery. In 2009, he was appointed to the consultant staff at the prestigious Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital, the UK’s largest ENT service, recognised internationally as a centre of excellence and unique in the breadth of ENT knowledge and sub-specialties represented on one site. With his NHS base firmly established in North Central and North West London, Mr. Hannan seeks to replicate his ENT service for patients in the private sector.

Mr. Hannan delivers a full general elective and emergency ENT service for adults and children, sub-specialising in rhinology and facial plastic surgery. As a modern and progressive consultant, he keeps up-to-date with the latest treatments and techniques, and has refined his skills in communication. Mr. Hannan’s patients regularly feedback about how well he listens, how much they trust him, and how fully they recommended him (read his iWantGreatCare reviews). Beyond such innate professional desire to always be better in providing safe, patient-centred, high quality care, Mr. Hannan enjoys dedicated roles in teaching and training, and collaborates in cutting-edge clinical research. And beyond all that, Mr. Hannan simply revels in being ‘fun Daddy’ to two boisterous boys!


Ear, Nose and Throat

Head & Neck Surgery


Special interests:

All aspects of general adult and paediatric ENT surgery, specialising in rhinology (inc. endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal airway reconstruction) and facial plastic surgery (inc. rhinoplasty, pinnaplasty).

The earFold™ implant

Procedures offered:

Full range of general adult and paediatric ENT out-patient procedures and surgical operations.

Clinical Interests:

EARS: Wax and microsuction; Hearing loss; Glue ear and grommets; Ear infection and discharge; Earache; Tinnitus; Dizziness and vertigo; Eustachian tube dysfunction; Perforated eardrum and myringoplasty; Cholesteatoma and mastoidectomy; Prominent ears and otoplasty

NOSE: Allergy; Nasal blockage and discharge; Loss of smell; Facial pain; Rhinitis; Sinusitis and endoscopic sinus surgery; Nasal polyps; Nosebleeds; Deviated nasal septum and septoplasty; Nasal trauma / fracture; Nasal deformity and rhinoplasty

THROAT: Sore throat; Tonsillitis and tonsillectomy; Oral cavity lesions; Dysphagia and swallowing disorders; Laryngitis and voice disorders; Stridor and breathing disorders; Snoring and sleep apnoea

NECK: Lumps and bumps; Lymph nodes; Salivary gland stones and tumours; Thyroid nodules; Thyroglossal cyst; Branchial cyst; Cancers

Mr Alam Hannan, Consultant ENT surgeon, is available to be seen for consultations at the Royal Free.