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Consultant specialist clinic

The consultant specialist clinic is led by Dr Jane Zuckerman, an experienced consultant with a long history of working in the field of travel medicine, international health and immunisations at national and international level. She has been practicing travel medicine since 1995 and her expertise includes immunisations (including needle phobia), malaria prophylaxis, altitude medicine and all aspects of the clinical practice of travel medicine.

Over the past 20 years, Dr Zuckerman has been responsible for the travel health needs for over 10,000 travellers per annum and is a Travel Medicine Consultant in to several international companies. Dr Zuckerman has particular extensive experience in advising travellers and patients with underlying health problems, including pregnancy, chronic diseases and serious illnesses such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, diabetes as well as following immunosuppressive treatment, treatment of malignancy with chemotherapy or radiotherapy and transplantation.

Dr Jane Zuckerman is happy to see:

  • Patients and/or travellers who are receiving treatment for an underlying health condition or are under specialist care for a medical problem e.g. cancer, diabetes, immunocompromised, gastroenterological, cardiovascular and rheumatologic conditions
  • Patients who suffer from allergies
  • Patients who suffer from needle phobia
  • Pregnant women
  • Older travellerss
  • Gap year travellers
  • Professional and amateur athletes who are travelling
  • Visa medical examinations
  • Children and infants who may be travelling as part of a family trip,who expatriates, who require immunisations to be completed as part of their national immunisation schedule or who wish to be vaccinated against chickenpox, hepatitis B, influenza and meningitis B
  • Altitude sickness consultation – a comprehensive medical examination with a detailed explanation of how to minimise the effects of travelling to altitude.If medication is required, , a prescription will be given

Dr Zuckerman is available to be seen for Travel Health Consultations (£60) or General Health Consultations (£120)

To book an appointment to see Dr Jane Zuckerman privately, parents can either self-refer, be referred by their GP or by sports physicians. Patients seen by a travel health specialist nurse at the Royal Free London Travel Health and Immunisation Clinic might also be referred to see Dr Zuckerman.

The initial appointment will last 45 minutes whilst any follow-up appointments will be made for 30 minutes. At the time of the appointment, Dr Zuckerman will take a full and comprehensive medical and vaccination history to establish a vaccination plan tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs.

The consultant specialist clinic is open Wednesdays 1pm to 5pm and Thursdays 9am to 1pm.

To make an appointment please contact us via either of the following channels:
Tel: 020 7433 2957
Email: rf-tr.privateenquiries@nhs.net