Cosmetic surgery for men


Cosmetic surgery for men is becoming increasingly popular. Addressing your appearance can be as important for men as it is for women.

Our surgeons are well trained with many years experience when it comes to plastic surgery for males having carried out many procedures in the past.

The department has a team of consultants who undertake general plastic surgery procedures and, in addition, they each have specialist interests such as facial reanimation, ear reconstruction and complex microsurgical breast reconstruction (such as DIEP) as well as novel minimally-invasive restoration of appearance technology with the help of stem cells.

The unit is a national centre of excellence for facial reanimation surgery, ear reconstruction and breast reconstruction. Consultants are involved in multidisciplinary treatments of skin cancers, sarcomas, breast cancer as well as major abdominal wall reconstruction. A comprehensive selection of procedures to improve aesthetic appearance is also offered, such as minimal-scar facelift and total body contouring.

We offer the following cosmetic procedures for men: