The unique domain of an ENT specialist is the treatment of Ear disorders. Our surgeons are trained to handle complex and simple procedures including medical and surgical treatment for hearing disorders, ear infections, balance disorders, as well as management of congenital (birth) and lesions of the outer and inner ear.

For an individual, hearing plays an important role in many aspects of everyday life, exposure to high noise levels or water damage can cause a lasting affect to the ears if not treated properly.

At the Royal Free Private Patients Unit our specialist consultants have many years experience between them allowing us to provide a hearing diagnosis and result that would be suitable to our patients needs.

We offer the following Ear services to our patients

Wax impaction – this procedure involves the removal of earwax build up from a patients ears which can lead to a blockage

Otalgia – this procedure involves the treatment of patients suffering form earache

Otorrhoea – treatment for discharge within a patients ear

Audiology – this involves diagnosing and treating patients with hearing issues

Tinnitus – treating patients that complain of a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears

Dizziness – this involves treating patients who have a spinning sensation in their head as a result of an imbalance in a patients ear