Paediatric Respiratory Services

At the Royal Free Private Patients Unit, we offer Paediatric Respiratory Services for issues affecting a child’s Respiratory System – the set of organs that allow you to breath, carrying oxygen to the vital areas of your body.

We have developed a specialist respiratory service for our paediatric patients using the latest in lung function equipment. Our respiratory services are able to care for children who are affected by breathing issues such as asthma and lung infections.

Our consultants are highly trained individuals who specialise in the treatment of paediatric illnesses. We hold specialist asthma clinics for children with this condition, using lung function equipment such as spirometry therefore allowing our team to carry out a range of tests for diagnosing both short and long term conditions.

We can offer the following services to our patients:

  • A comprehensive investigation of respiratory problems
  • Sleep study services
  • Minimally-invasive respiratory support service
  • Care for children with tracheostomies
  • The management of empyema of the lung and other respiratory infections
  • Diagnosis and management of children with asthma
  • The management of other respiratory illnesses

For more information, a quotation or to book an appointment, please contact our dedicated enquiries team who are available Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm on 020 7317 7751 or