The Royal Free Centre for Minimally Invasive Gastroenterology

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The Royal Free Centre for Minimally Invasive Gastroenterology is leading the transformation of the patient experience through the use of the latest innovative technology.

We offer the following non-invasive investigations:

  • PillCam video capsule  – provides a pain free video of the inner lining of all of the throat, stomach, small and large intestine
  • Breath-testing – test for bacterial overgrowth and dairy intolerance
  • Echogastrography – assesses the pumping action of the stomach
  • Electrogastrography – measures the electrical activity that controls stomach movement
  • Gastric emptying studies – indicates the efficiency of the stomach pump
  • Large bowel transit studies – provides information on the cause of constipation
  • Tests of the brain-gut connection – examines the vagus nerve and its connection to the internal organs

The Royal Free Centre for Minimally Invasive Gastroenterology aims to provide a diagnostic service that involves as few visits to the hospital as possible. If appropriate, patients will be offered a telephone or video consultation for initial specialist advice and guidance, thereby avoiding the stress that inevitably occurs with the usual hospital outpatient visit.

We offer the following minimally invasive services:


PillCam Reading service

Whole Bowel Health Check

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact our dedicated enquiries team who are available Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm on 020 7317 7751 or

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