Thread vein treatment/Sclerotherapy

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Our private Thread vein treatment/Sclerotherapy services are provided at the Hadley Wood Hospital, High Barnet.

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Thread veins (also known as ‘spider veins’ and telangiectasia) occur when small blood vessels within the dermis (the thick section of skin that lies beneath the surface layer) become dilated and enlarged, making them more visible and prominent.

Do I need thread vein treatment?

They can range in size and appearance from being very thin and red to wide and green, and often have a ‘spidery’ appearance.

Thread veins are very common and can affect men and women of all ages, although they tend to be more common in females and more noticeable as we get older. The majority of the time, they’re not a serious health concern – although thread veins can sometimes be an indication of underlying deeper varicose veins. For most people, thread veins are a cosmetic concern and we understand that they can impact your self-confidence, or prevent you wearing the clothes you want and living life to the full.


Sclerotherapy is a safe and straightforward treatment for thread veins on the legs that usually takes around 45-minutes to an hour to complete. The procedure involves injecting a solution into the veins, causing the vein lining to become sticky and swell. You’ll then need to wear a compression stocking – usually for 24-72 hours continuously, and then for a further two to seven days during the daytime. Your consultant will be able to advise on this.

Sclerotherapy is not always 100% effective and results can vary, but on average, 70-80% improvements in appearance are achieved. For the best results, two treatment sessions are often required and it can take two to three months for the full effects to be seen. Some people see very dramatic improvements very quickly, while for others the results can be more subtle. You could still develop further thread veins in the future too.

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