Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow Fever Vaccine is now available at The Royal Free London Travel Health and Immunisation Clinic.

Yellow fever is a serious viral disease spread by the bite of an infected specific type of female mosquito (Aedes aegypti). These mosquitoes can bite at anytime during the day and frequently at dusk and at dawn. The virus is commonly found in tropical areas of the African Continent and parts of Central and South America.

Our service is led by Dr. Jane Zuckerman, consultant physician in travel medicine and immunisations. Dr Zuckerman is an experienced consultant with a long history of working in the field of international health and immunisations.

Yellow fever can be prevented by a highly effective and safe vaccine. A single dose of yellow fever vaccine costs £75 and provides life-long protection against yellow fever disease.

Our team is understanding to any concerns you might have and welcomes all vaccine related questions.For further enquiries, please call us on:

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