60 seconds with Atnana Roman: PPU Insurance Coordinator

Tell us what you do and what your job responsibilities are in PPU?

My responsibilities 😊 My job title is private inpatients (IP) insurance coordinator and my main role is to obtain initial cover and extensions for IP. However, you can also meet me at the 12th floor main reception helping with outpatients, training new staff, booking procedures and organising transfers.

How long have you been with PPU?

Can’t even remember exactly – 10 years. I started in the Lyndhurst Rooms when it was still on the first floor and was called the most challenging department in the unit. All that I remember then was a small, crowded reception area, full of patients and during that time patients could bring all family members with them for their consultation appointment 😊

Atnana Roman

In October’s Commercial Directors Report, we learnt that 40% of the NHS PPU revenue was brought in from insurance, how does that make you feel to know you contributed to PPU and the NHS in such a valuable way?

I am proud because when I considered this job it was when no one wanted to take the job and everyone was running away from it. At that time there was a big backlog, system data was not up to date and many invoices were rejected from EDI due to incorrect membership numbers on Compucare. Only this October I heard that insured patients bring profit to PPU, and yes, I’m proud because I contributed to this result and of course along with my lovely colleagues in IP reception and finance.

What keeps you motivated and encouraged in your job?

It is the freedom my line manager gives me to do my job at my own pace and implementing a process that worked for my role, which in turn, encouraged me to do my job well and has given me a sense of trust.

Who inspires you and in what ways do you try to inspire you colleagues when you’re at work?

I’m always inspired by strong people with a ‘can do’ attitude towards their work. I try to create a friendly environment and bring some laughter to the group.

Given your role, you liaise with many colleagues from different departmental areas, how do you stay organised and on top of your work?

I have a daily routine, making my own work list and always taking notes.

If you could create a private health insurance name, what would it be and why?

‘Everlasting Health Insurance – because using this health insurance platform a person prolongs their lifespan and enjoys quality of care’. Don’t trademark that please – this will be my mark!

What food item will definitely be on your Christmas table this year?

Romanian sweet cabbage with smoked bacon.

What’s your favourite Christmas song, the one that you absolutely cannot resist doing karaoke to?

Feliz Navidad!