International Patients

World-class care and expertise since 1828

The Private Patients Unit at Royal Free Hospital is a great choice for international patients given the following unique features:

  • Experience: As a teaching hospital, we offer state-of-the-art treatments, making our services the most modern of their kind in the European healthcare system.
  • Facilities: As the pioneers of modern medicine in the world, we offer world-class facilities with the latest equipment and technology.
  • Cultural Harmony: We go above and beyond by providing multinational and multicultural staff as well as multiple interpreters.

All these factors combined make the Private Patient Unit at Royal Free London an excellent choice for patients. In general, there is no comparison in Europe with another hospital that offers comprehensive service, international medical care and treatment expertise. With 24-hour services, on-call interpreters, embassies communication services, multi-religious chapel services, as well as an optimal commitment to providing optimal health care ensuring patient care in an appropriate culturally sensitive environment for each patient, the Private Patient Unit provides unparalleled accommodation for those seeking medical treatment in London.

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