Our Staff Stories

We are part of Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. We care for more than 1.6 million patients and employ approximately 10,000 staff. We have one of the most dedicated and amazing people working very hard to deliver world-class expertise and care and we like to share our staff stories with you.


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60 Seconds with Layla Kelly - NHS PPU Assistant Business Operations Manager

Layla shares her experiences and what she enjoys about her role.


Life as a Senior Sister with Marta Campos Cravo
Marta Campos Cravo shares her experience of life as a Senior Sister


60 seconds with Bemi Fashina - Divisional Quality Governance Facilitator
PPU’s new divisional quality governance facilitator, Bemi, very kindly shared with us some insights about her. 


60 Seconds with Dean Stephen Booth - Commercial Director
Meet our new commercial director and read about what he is looking forward to and excited about in his new role with us.


60 Seconds with Joseph Mekkattukulam – Sales and Referrer Engagement Manager
Joseph Mekkattukulam updates us on consultant and GP events and new and exciting things coming up in the enquiries and sales remit.


60 seconds with Alex Ion - Assistant Service Manager, Outpatients and Diagnostics
To commemorate the two year anniversary of when Royal Free London admitted their first COVID-19 patient (February 2022), Alex gives us insight into her reflections and thoughts of the past two years.


Roushan Refai - Delivering world-class care to private patients
Roushan reflects on his role as lead pharmacy technician for Private Patients unit


60 seconds with Eman Aboulnasr  - Operations, Business Development and Customer Service Manager

Eman shares her experience as senior manager for the private patients unit and Hadley Wood hospital.


60 seconds with Mariama Sambou - PPU Service Manager

Mariama, PPU Service Manager, shares her experience on how she needed to adapt and learn new skills with the changes during the Covid pandemic.


Supporting the NHS – Redeployment Stories

Our staff's dedication continues even during the pandemic. We are proud to support the NHS especially during the time we are most needed. We are sharing stories of experiences and the lesson learned during this challenging time.


60 seconds with Rahel Sebhat - Ward Manager

Rahel shares her experience being part of the Royal Free London Private Patients Unit since 2013 and as a ward manager at 12 West ward.


60 seconds with Dawn Harper - Ward Manager

Dawn shares why she chosed to be a nurse, her experience working at Private Patients Unit and life's motivation.