60 Seconds with
Dean Stephen Booth

Commercial Director

What led you to your present position?

I have always had a passion for business development, customer care, strategy and financial leadership in the commercial sector whilst also maintaining a genuine love for the NHS. Having completed significant time researching NHS PPUsโ€™ position in the market and their potential for growth (including Royal Free London), when this role presented itself, it was an opportunity too good to resist. Iโ€™ve always thought that RFL has significant untapped potential, and the fact that every ยฃ going into the PPU gets pumped straight back into National Health Service resources means that our work is really meaningful and makes a real difference to NHS patientsโ€™ lives.


What does your new role in PPU entail?

As well as working alongside the Medical Director, Prof George Hamilton, and Deputy Director of Clinical Operations, Zain Jalloh, to support the operational leadership of our division, as the Commercial Director I will be largely responsible for defining the strategic direction of growth, developing/marketing our business nationally and internationally and ensuring we are on solid financial footing. I will manage our relationships across various groups of customers including patients, NHS colleagues, insurance companies, consultants and embassies/international. Alongside this, I will also need to stay abreast of developments within the Trust as one of the senior leadership team responsible for operational flow within the hospital by forming part of the Gold command structure for the Royal Free Hospital.


What are you looking forward to and excited about for the future?

Working alongside some great people to deliver an exceptionally high standard of private patient service within the private market. I look forward to overseeing the increase of our annual revenue from its peak of circa ยฃ25M to ยฃ100M by developing our business, improving the PP standard, and seeing a significant uptick in our activity levels and profit margins.


What do you like to do when youโ€™re not in the office? (or how do you balance your life while working?)

I enjoy reading books and articles on business strategy, specifically in relation to behavioural science and its affect on driving change but when Iโ€™m trying to switch off completely, I love nothing more than spending time with friends, my partner and my little puppy, Biscuit. Biscuit is a rescue puppy from Belarus, and very naughty, but has filled our home with joy.


What is the one quality you specifically look for in a team (or team member)?

Integrity. This is something which canโ€™t be taught and defines whether you have trust in your team or not.