Life as a Senior Sister with Marta Campos Cravo


Marta Campos Cravo shares her experience of life as a Senior Sister

What does your role in PPU entail?  

I manage and lead the Lyndhurst outpatients’ team and ensure the smooth and efficient running of the OPD. I also manage and lead the development of the POA service, which will enhance the pathway for the private patients coming through the unit. And I have recently started supporting the Hadley Wood theatres team, whilst a new manager is recruited. 


What do you enjoy about being a manager for outpatient clinics (Lyndhurst Rooms)? 

The most enjoyable aspect of my role is working with and developing the Lyndhurst and POA teams, in a safe culture. I enjoy the operational side of running clinics, as for this to be successful you have to ensure many aspects and requirements of the MDT and the patients are achieved within a tight timeframe. 


What are the most significant challenges of your role? 

It is always challenging starting in a new team, especially as the lead, however I couldn't have asked for a more friendly and welcoming team. 

The continuous challenge will always be to become more patient focused and to provide more facilities within the space of the Lyndhurst rooms. 


What motivates you in your job? And how do you motivate others in your team? 

I love a good challenge! What motivates me the most is the success of the team to provide outstanding nursing care and both OPD and POA to be the most efficient service achievable. I tend to lead by example, I set high standards for myself, and the team. And I believe effective communication is key to team engagement, as this enables honest and transparent discussions to take place. Additionally, I like to empower the team I work with, not only by delegating tasks but to embrace individual growth. In the Lyndhurst rooms, everyone has champion roles and is accountable for their responsibilities within the role. I believe that inclusiveness makes a resourceful and resilient team, and a happy team equals happy patients. 


You also worked at the vaccination clinic during pandemic, how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your work? What learning experiences have you implemented in your role post-pandemic? 

I found the pandemic both frightening and exciting as I enjoyed the fast paced and forever changing environment, we worked in. It was very rewarding to work with such a diverse team, which was effectively thrown together at very short notice. My learning from this experience was to worry about the little things, to get those right and everything else tends to fall into place. Attention to detail and being organised. The key to the efficiency of the service was effective, honest and transparent communication. 


What do you do to relax after a busy day at work? 

I love dancing and climbing. We live in such a lovely part of London, there's plenty of nice walks with great views of the city. 


If you were transported to another place today, where would it be? 

So many places, but a mixture of fantastic mountain views in the beautiful autumn colours, the ocean and the sun (but not too hot) would be ideal! 


What are the most significant challenges of your role?

My staff and my patients because I have a duty of care to both of their well-beings.

If you weren’t in your current role, what would you be doing?

When I was in school I was really good at arts and crafts, so if I didn’t go into nursing I would have probably been a seamstress.

What do you do to relax and unwind after a busy day at work?

Spending time with my family, whether that’s seeing them in person or calling them. Enjoying my own home and taking time out for myself or treating myself to something nice!

What can’t you live without?

My family.

What would be your perfect day away from work?

Being in a different country; on the beach with my family and friends, having a laugh enjoying the sun and have a great time.

If you could time travel, where would you go?

I would travel to a few places; probably back to when my late niece was in hospital, or back home to Montserrat. I would also time travel back to see my dad again, back to when Jesus was on this earth and back to our last 2019 family holiday before COVID.