60 Seconds with Joseph Mekkattukulam

Sales and Referrer Engagement Manager

Congratulations, you have officially got a full team! What exciting things are we going to see and what are you looking forward the most?

I am absolutely thrilled to have a full team, itโ€™s a real buzz to work with such a professional team. We have extended our opening times, instead of 9am-5pm, we are now open from 8am-6pm. We will be launching our online booking platform for Hadley Wood Hospital in the next few weeks and rolling out in Royal Free London in the near future.


What are the challenges your team are currently facing?

Recently we have seen a big increase of enquires related to self-funding patients due to increase in NHS wating times. Itโ€™s a very fast paced environment and we take on an average of 4000 phone calls and an almost similar number of email enquiries, it can be challenging to screen though every enquiry.


Now that slowly we are returning to pre-pandemic time, are we expecting to see again Consultants or GP events/engagements?

Yes, I am working on face-to-face onsite meetings to be held from next month. During the pandemic I was holding regular meetings using Zoom.


Aside from PPU at RFL, Hadley Wood Hospital is also your focus lately. Any exciting news coming up at HWH?

Yes, we are in the final stages of offering ophthalmology procedures at HWH, we are aiming to start it from beginning of August. At RFL outpatients we have secured flexi scopes and ENT scopes so that patients can be scoped o the 12th floor instead of going to the 1st floor NHS clinics.


How do you keep your team motivated?

Encourage happiness, avoid useless meetings, no micromanaging, proper communication, active involvement, healthy office environment, give positive feedback and encourage teamwork.


How do you like to relax and recuperate after a busy day in the office?

Spending time with family and listening to some good music


You have a very sociable job and talk to a range of different people in and out the workforce, what are your tips for โ€˜breaking the iceโ€™?

Always approach with confidence and a big smile, ask questions and engage into a conversation and talk about something of mutual interest.