60 seconds with Hannah Bloomfield: Service Manager

Could you tell us about your background in healthcare and your new role at PPU?

Most recently, I was working at an integrated care board in population health management and primary care. My favourite project was increasing annual health checks for people with learning disabilities alongside our local LD&A charity. I will be working in PPU until January as Service Manager whilst Mariama is on maternity leave, looking after inpatient and outpatient administration, and the medical secretaries.

Hannah Bloomfield

What does a good working day look like to you?

A good working day to me looks like walking or cycling on a sunny day into the office (which has not been the case since I started!). I like to get to work early so I have time to get ready for the day and plan my priorities. I love a day that has a good mix of meetings and downtime so that I can stay on top of emails.

What is teamwork for you?

Teamwork for me is everyone being compassionate and caring, and always taking the time to speak to one another.

What are some of the most challenging times for you and how do you overcome them?

My most challenging times are when I haven’t had enough sleep – I need 8 hours or I will be in a terrible state

How do you stay encouraged at work, and how do you encourage your team members?

I stay encouraged at work through my colleagues, and remembering how much the NHS has done for my friends and family. In the past, I was fortunate to work in a hospital that cared for my grandparents before they passed away, and this motivated me every day to do the best for our patients. Similarly, in PPU, knowing that the work we do helps both our patients and the patients across the trust is really encouraging! I hope that I am able to inspire the same encouragement with my colleagues by celebrating our successes.

If you could teleport yourself to anywhere or any place, where would it be and why?

I would transport myself to Canada where my best friend is currently living, I haven’t seen her in so long and her area looks perfect.

What are you practically perfect at?!

I’m very good at guessing the correct time without having looked at a clock/watch for hours – a skill of little use.