Wart and skin tag removal

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Our private Wart and skin tag removal services are provided at the Hadley Wood Hospital, High Barnet.

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Warts and skin tags are small fleshy growths on the skin โ€“ they are very common. While skin tags are soft and may feel like theyโ€™re hanging from the surface of the skin, warts tend to have a harder texture and may sometimes develop a rough, crusty surface.


There are different types of warts (some are associated with an infection that may also need to be treated separately), but itโ€™s very common to develop a few warts, typically on the hands and fingers, although they can potentially occur anywhere. A dermatologist will be able to assess the type of warts you have and advise on the most suitable treatment options.

Removing warts and skin tags

Removing warts and skin tags isnโ€™t always necessary, but many people prefer to remove them for cosmetic reasons. They can also become sore and uncomfortable, depending where theyโ€™re situated, and skin tags that keep getting caught on clothing or jewellery can be a nuisance and may start to bleed. In these cases, or if warts or skin tags are affecting your self-confidence, removing them can be a safe and simple solution.

This is often done by freezing or burning them off. This is a straightforward out-patient procedure during which a very small amount of liquid nitrogen is carefully applied to the tag/wart, often causing it to form a small blister. This should heal fairly quickly, and the wart or mole will drop off. Sometimes, a very fine scalpel may be used to remove warts or skin tags. The dermatologist will discuss which procedure is best for you during your consultation beforehand, but all methods are safe, fast and shouldnโ€™t be painful. If necessary, depending on the procedure being performed and size and number of warts/tags, local anaesthetic may be applied to the area beforehand.

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