60 seconds with Emilia De Angelis: Matron, Hadley Wood Hospital

What made you decide to get into nursing? And what was your role prior joining PPU?

Since I was a teenager, I always dreamed of working in the hospital, especially in the operating theatre. Working closely with the surgeons to make sure the patients receive the most accurate and innovative care, was one of the main goals to achieve. Prior joining the PPU, I had a different experience in a different hospital.

I started as a scrub nurse specialising in ENT and orthopaedic surgery and then became the theatre coordinator of the emergency theatre.

How are you settling in and what are looking forward to the most about being a Matron at Hadley Wood Hospital?

It’s a challenging position but I always loved the good challenge in my career. The team I’m working with is very supportive and I had a very warm and friendly welcome in the department. My plan in this position will be more focus on the patients, provide more facilities and service for the patients in Hadley Wood.

Emilia De Angelis

What does a good working day look like to you?

A good day for me starts with a good cup of Cappuccino 😊 and a checklist. I love to tick all the boxes of my checklist by the end of the day and complete all the task. Let me feel efficient and helpful for the department.

How do you stay encouraged and motivated at work?

What motivate and encourage me the most is the success of the team to provide the best care to the patients. I got a very high standard for myself and for the team that I work with. I always try to deliver the best and accurate care to the patients. I like also to empower staff that I work with, each member of my team got a role to accomplish. This give as result a team resilient and happy that is responsible for the department.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

In my spare time, I love taking care of my family (Son, husband, and dog). I enjoy baking sweets, especially cake. I also love dancing salsa and sailing in the summertime.

If you could teleport yourself to anywhere or any place, where would it be and why?

I for sure will be a Gili Island (Bali) with my husband and my son. Where I spent my honeymoon. It’s a place where I saw the most beautiful sunset in my life.

What are you practically perfect at?!

It’s hard to say. I’m very well organised and a good communicator. I’m good at overcoming obstacles and completing the task. But I can say I can make the perfect pizza πŸ˜‰