60 seconds with Oluronke Oshibogun: Domestic Assistant

You have such a friendly demeanour that Iโ€™m sure everyone knows of you! But for those that donโ€™t, please introduce yourself.

My name is Oluronke Oshibogun and I am a Domestic Assistant as part of the Estates and Facilities team! The easiest way to know who I am is by my smile and hearing me always greeting patients and staff!

How long have you been a domestic on the 12th floor and what other floors are you responsible for?

I have been working on the 12th floor since November 2021 and this is my designated floor, I only go on to other floors if the teams are short staffed.

The domestic team is vital in contributing to RFL PPU providing a clean environment and a high standard of patient care, how does it make you feel to know that what you do has a positive impact on patientsโ€™ health, well-being and recovery?

Because I personally believe that cleanliness is next to godliness, itโ€™s a good feeling and sense of accomplishment knowing that I have aided the patients in their recovery and made them feel at home.

Oluronke Oshibogun

What do you value most about your role as a dedicated and committed domestic assistant?

What I value most is that I get to look after people and make them happy; referring to patients and staff members. I enjoy getting to know different people from different backgrounds. Additionally, the lovely comments I get from patients is what I value too, it keeps me motivated. Patients have told me that Iโ€™m always smiling and encouraging them with my words.

In your role, what ways did you support the Trust throughout the pandemic so they could provide safe and effective care?

I was at work throughout and made sure all patients felt safe in our hospital through my work and by giving them words of encouragement. I worked extra shifts because I really wanted to be part of providing a clean environment for the patients because this would help in reassuring them and putting them at ease.

How do you frame your thoughts and mind each morning to set yourself up for a great day?

I always wake up to do a little exercise and have my music on while having my bath. When I get to work, I always have my smile and believe I have come to make someone happy.

How do you like to spend your time after work?

I always want to go to a gym but because sometimes I work extra shifts when there's no staff, so I go straight home, even though I would have loved to have some fun with my friends.

What song do you enjoy singing the most as you go about your daily duties at work?

I love praise and worship songs most but sometimes songs to give myself hope that ALL WILL BE WELL!