60 seconds with Yvette Lambert-Morgan: Pre-Assessment Nurse

What made you decide to get into healthcare and when did you join RFL PPU?

Nursing for me was a childhood dream, I am from a family of nurses but growing up I was encouraged not to and so I went down the finance route where I have worked for a number of years. It was when I was made redundant I decided to follow my childhood dreams. I started working at Barnet and joined Hadley Wood Hospital in 2019.

Please describe your role as a Pre-Operative Assessment Nurse at an outpatient clinic?

My role as a Pre Operative Assessment Nurse in PPU is to ensure all patients coming in for surgery are fit and safe to undergo surgery and general anaesthetics. My role also entails highlighting any issues that the surgical or anaesthetic team needs to be aware of and to ensure patient safety throughout their journey.

Yvette Lambert-Morgan

Could you tell us some of your achievements as a nurse and what accomplishments you are most proud of?

There are a number of achievements over the years and the number is in various areas, from looking after the acutely ill patients, the various ward areas to out patients departments. However, the one I enjoyed the most is my current role, as a POA nurse. You have such a vital and often emotional role in the patients pre and post op care, as for most patients coming in are so scared, anxious, nervous and for some itยดs just a frightening experience. My role as a nurse is not just to take there medical details, but also to reassure them and to be that shoulder to cry on. My aim is for every patient leave my clinic smiling and assured.

Helping patients is a rewarding job, could you tell us one experience you wonโ€™t forget caring for patients?

There are many experiences that would stay with me forever, but this one person captured my heart forever. It was a 21 year old young man I was caring for whilst working in an acute medical unit, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident which left him paralysed, nonverbal and completely dependent on some one for all care needs, including eating. His lunch was just left on the table by his bedside with no hope of helping himself, but it was the smile on his face that melts my heart till this day, after I propped him up in bed and fed him.

How do you stay encouraged and motivated at work to face the challenges of being a nurse?

I stay motivated by the fact that I am making a difference to someoneโ€™s life and putting a smile on their faces, but most importantly itโ€™s my faith and belief in God which kept me going and my daily pledge which states โ€˜I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.โ€™

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month means a lot to me as this is the time where we remember, celebrate and reflect on what our forefathers has achieved for us living in todayโ€™s world. Itโ€™s a time to spread awareness and learn more whilst continuing to support the black community's cultures, traditions and histories.

Tell us some of your hobbies and interests?

Some of my hobbies are travelling, gardening, reading and being an avid gamer.