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Our private Ear injury services are provided at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead.

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An ear injury usually caused as a result of an accident is a procedure that involves correcting and re-shaping the ear to reduce bruising and swelling.

Ear injuries sustained in bite or knife injuries often result in a partial amputation of the ear. Serious road traffic accidents can result in the loss of the entire ear. Major burns can also cause terrible injury to the ear. More minor deformity can result from infected piercings, particularly when the ear is pierced through the cartilage of its upper pole. Piercings can also split an earlobe and earlobe expanders can result in a deformity that can only be corrected with surgery.


Treatment can be dependant on the kind of injury you have recieved. Surgery follows the principles of reconstruction for microtia, with establishment of a resilient ear framework and coverage with a thin soft tissue envelope, being prerequisites to a high quality reconstruction.

If you have bruising or cuts your surgeon will cut open the hematoma and remove the blood before applying a tight bandage which will be left in place to stop the blood clotting again and hold the skin in its normal position which will allow for blood to reach the cartilage again.


Depending on the type of injury you received, you may be required to have a bandage or some stitches and take some antibiotics. Your consultant will advise you on this accordingly

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