Earlobe surgery

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Our private Earlobe surgery services are provided at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead.

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Earlobe surgery is a quick and effective procedure to correct ears that may have been deformed at birth or damaged in later life, we at the Royal Free PPU offer many different earlobe procedures depending on our patients needs.

Our team of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery specialists are well experienced, providing a high level of care for our patients before and after their procedure to ensure you get quality results, along with the look you desire.

We are able to offer the following procedures to our earlobe procedures to our patients:

Congenital Deformity

Birth deformities of the earlobe are highly variable and the many different operations that may be used in their correction reflect this fact. In some cases, surgery is a simple repair of a congenital cleft. In others, with a significant abnormality, cartilage grafts and skin grafts may be required in one or more stages.

Split Earlobes

Earlobes are often split by heavy earrings gradually enlarging a piercing over many years. On other occasions, when an earring is forcefully pulled the earlobe can split acutely. Repair is usually performed under local anaesthetic, is simple and repiercing is normally possible within a few weeks.

Earlobe Reduction

Correction of droopy earlobes is a simple and safe procedure, performed under local anaesthetic which rejuvenates the ear.

The Facelift Earlobe

Sometimes , after a facelift, the earlobe is pulled down, this is procedure to correct this.

Earlobe Keloids

Keloids are essentially scars growing in an uncontrolled manner. Surgery is not simple but good results can be achieved.

After having one of these procedures you should be able to return home immediately after, you will have a small bandage covering you ears if stitches were required. These will be removed after 2 weeks.

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