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Our private Mole checks services are provided at the Hadley Wood Hospital, High Barnet.

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Mole checks can be very important for detecting any abnormal changes that may indicate skin cancer.

Mole mapping

Whether you have one mole that is causing concern, or simply want to keep an eye on all of your moles and have them checked by a specialist, our expert team can help.

โ€˜Mole mappingโ€™ can help monitor and assess all of the moles on your body, keeping a record of any changes that may develop so that any abnormalities can be detected as early as possible. This can be especially important for people who may be at higher risk of skin cancer, including people with fair skin and hair who have lots of moles, anybody with a close family history of skin cancer or who has previously had skin cancer themselves, or lots of sunburn damage.

Tools and techniques

Using the latest mole scanning tools and techniques โ€“ such as a dermoscopy, which uses a special light-emitting magnifier that enables dermatologists to get a close-up view of structures beneath the skinโ€™s surfaces โ€“ our specialists are able to detect important indicators that may be invisible to the naked eye.

During the examination

Mole checks are carried out in a private consulting room. The specialist will speak to you first, asking questions about your skin and any changes youโ€™ve noticed, as well as your general health and family history. How long the mole check takes will depend on the area being examined. If just one mole is being checked, you may not need to remove any clothing, but for head-to-toe mole mapping youโ€™ll be asked to remove your clothes (underwear can be kept on).

During examinations, close-up photos of your moles will usually be taken. These will be assessed more closely before any results are shared with you, and if additional tests or treatments are required, youโ€™ll be invited for a follow-up appointment.

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