Morton’s neuroma surgery

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Our private Morton’s neuroma surgery services are provided at the Hadley Wood Hospital, High Barnet.

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Morton’s neuroma is a form of foot pain caused by damage, inflammation or compression to a nerve leading to the toes.

Morton’s neuroma symptoms

It’s mostly associated with sharp or burning pain in the centre of the ball of the foot (usually between the third and fourth toes), as well as pain and numbness in the toes. Some people describe it as feeling like they’re constantly standing on a small stone.


Conservative treatments – including pain management, avoiding high-heels and wearing pads and insoles to relieve pressure on the foot – are often effective. But in some cases, Morton’s neuroma can become severe and chronic and surgery to remove the nerve may be required.

The procedure

The procedure involves making a small incision at the top of the foot, before the nerve is carefully removed. This is usually done under general anaesthetic but you should be able to go home either the same or next day. You may need to wear special post-surgical shoes for a few weeks while your foot heals, but recovery is generally fairly fast. Your surgeon and a physiotherapist will advise on any activities to avoid while recovering, as well as any exercises that may help.

While the surgery is generally very successful in eliminating pain, sometimes permanent numbness in the toes can occur.

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