MUA with steroid injections

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Our private MUA with steroid injections services are provided at the Hadley Wood Hospital, High Barnet.

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MUA means ‘manipulation under anaesthesia’

Why do I need MUA with steroid injections?

The procedure can be useful in the treatment of stubborn and chronic joint pain with severe stiffness, particularly where there is loss of mobility/reduced range of movement in the joint and conservative methods have not helped. Examples include a persistent ‘frozen shoulder’ or a chronic painful knee that keeps seizing up.

The procedure

While the patient is under general anaesthetic (although for smaller procedures, local anaesthetic and sedation can sometimes be used), the surgeon is able to manipulate the joint into its full range of motion/movement. This can help release and stretch muscles that may have become stiff and immobilised due to spasms or inflammation, free the joint capsule and help relieve pressure on compressed or ‘trapped’ nerves.

MUA with steroid injections involves the additional step of administering a steroid injection to the affected joint during the procedure. In some patients, steroid injections can be highly effective in relieving pain and inflammation and aiding in the recovery process.


You’ll usually be able to go home the same day, but will need to rest the joint for a while and there may be some swelling and bruising. Your consultant, along with a physiotherapist, will advise on aftercare and any activities to avoid while recovering, plus exercises that may help. A course of physiotherapy is often advised following MUA, to help further prevent symptoms from returning.

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