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Our private Radiotherapy services are provided at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead .

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The royal free radiotherapy department hosts a multiprofessional team which encompasses the work of the clinicians, radiographers, radiotherapy review specialists, radiotherapy physicists and technologists. The department is a tertiary referral centre for the provision of specialist cancer services, providing radiotherapy services to a wide sector of London, as well as to private patients worldwide.

The department provides both palliative and radical cancer treatments. All treatments are CT planned and most radical treatments are undertaken with a 3D/conformal treatment plan.

The department uses a range of equipment to plan and deliver accurate and safe radiotherapy treatment to patients. This includes an AcQSim CT simulator and twinned dual-energy 6MV and 10MV Varian 2100CD linear accelerators installed just two years ago, with a 120-leaf integral multi leaf collimator, with a-Si KV portal imaging system, with gating facility, with cone beam, and with electron beam facility.

For more information about the adjuvant therapies for cancer offered at the Royal Free Private Patients Unit, please get in touch with our team.

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