Revision otoplasty

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Our private Revision otoplasty services are provided at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead.

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Revision Optoplasty surgery of the ear is usually requested following a prominent ear correction which has not achieved the desired results, but occasionally follows ear reduction surgery or other cosmetic procedures. It is more complex than primary surgery of the ear and varies according to the precise anatomical issue of concern.

There are many reasons as to why a patient would opt for Revision Optoplasty surgery such as damage to your cartilage, asymmetry or even a poor cosmetic outcome.

At the Royal Free PPU our team of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery specialists are well experienced, providing a high level of care for our patients before and after their procedure to ensure you get quality results,along with the look you desire.


This procedure is usually done under a local anaesthetic however depending on the patients age can be done as a general procedure by the surgeon. First your surgeon will make a small incision behind the ear to expose the cartilage, he will then proceed to remove any small pieces of cartilage if necessary and stitch the remaining structure into place.

This usually takes 1-2 hours to complete and patients are usually allowed to leave hospital the same day however if done under a general anaesthetic you may be required to stay overnight.


After the initial first few days of your surgery, your ears may be sore and numb giving you a tingling sensation for a few weeks. You may be advised to wear a bandage to protect from infection. It is important to not allow your hair to be washed during your recovery time.

Bruising may last for up to 2 weeks therefore you may not want to return to work or school until it has disappeared.

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