Video Consultations


The Royal Free Private Patients Unit are now offering patients the opportunity to undertake video consultations from home. Using technology called Videxia it is now possible for patients to dial into a meeting room from home and have their personal consultation with their doctor.

This technology allows for the patient to minimise their visits to the hospital benefiting those who find travelling an issue. Whether public transport is limited or the hospital location is simply too far away, video consultations can save patients a great deal of time, allowing them to continue their regular activities – not having them disrupted by having to travel to hospital.

They are becoming increasingly popular, encouraging patients to self care when appropriate and also can allow for a second opinion on the condition you may have.

It is still important to receive the appropriate care from your consultant or specialist whether in person or via a screen however video consultations take away the stress from what could be a time consuming and stressful journey.

To find out more or to book a video consultation with your consultant, please contact our enquiries team on        020 7317 7751. Our team are available to speak to you Monday – Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Please see the below guide on video conferencing at the Royal Free

External Guide to Dialling in to RFH PPU Meeting Room