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Our private Weight management services are provided at the Hadley Wood Hospital, High Barnet.

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Maintaining a healthy weight

Hadley Wood Hospital’s dietitian has a wealth of experience in helping men and women of all ages manage their weight through tailored diet and nutrition plans.

Maintaining a healthy weight can play a very significant role in overall health and wellbeing, both physically and psychologically, in the short and long term.

We understand that this can be a real struggle for many people, with a number of factors to consider. While there’s an endless stream of diets and ‘nutrition advice’ in the media and online, getting it right isn’t easy and sometimes this advice can be full of conflicting messages.

You’re not alone – and we are here to help. Our dietitian can help devise a plan that suits your individual needs, taking into account your general health history and overall wellbeing, as well as your lifestyle and relationship with eating.

With the aim of providing advice that is clear and achievable, we will help you gain the tools to manage your weight for life.

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