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Oncology at the Royal Free Hospital Private Patients Unit

Here at the Royal Free Hospital Private Patients Unit (PPU) we offer a wide array of oncology services, provided by our multidisciplinary team of leading specialists. The PPU combines the convenience, comfort and personalised attention of a private hospital with the very best state-of-the-art services, technology and the professional experience expected from a top London teaching hospital.

We are unique in that all of the profit that is made each year is reinvested back into the NHS services at the Royal Free Hospital trust, and this contributes to the high-quality care that our hospitals provide.

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Treatments we offer

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Our commitment to you

Each type of cancer requires a specific treatment plan, which takes into account individual circumstances and preferences. Our leading oncologists are on hand to deliver a wide range of cancer therapies. A combination of treatments is often used for the greatest effect, including:

  • Surgical intervention
  • Interventional endoscopy
  • Interventional radiology
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Stereotactic radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Electrochemotherapy
  • Nuclear medicine treatments (the largest theranostics suite in the country)
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Why Royal Free London Private Patients unit?

Highly-specialised consultant medical and clinical oncologists

All our consultants also work for Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, and many have been trained here over the many years of their careers. Our private cancer services consist of a range of highly-specialised consultant medical and clinical oncologists.

For expert care in cancer management, or for a second opinion, we are proud to offer access to innovative technologies and an experienced multidisciplinary team who are all dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care.

Experienced clinical nursing team

We recognise that being diagnosed with cancer is a very difficult process to go through, and our private cancer services include a dedicated highly skilled clinical nursing team offering support from diagnosis to treatment.

Our expert clinical team

All our consultants also work for our NHS Foundation Trust, and many have been trained here over the many years of their career. The PPU oncology team consists of a range of highly-specialised consultant medical oncologists and includes:

The Royal Free Hospital PPU as a regional specialist centre

We are proud to have a reputation as a leading specialist centre in the research and treatment of the following cancer types: Hepatocellular (liver) cancer (HCC), Cholangiocarcinoma, Pancreatic cancer, Neuro-endocrine tumours (NET), Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, Renal (kidney) cancer.

The Royal Free London PPU sets itself apart from other private cancer centres because we are a large acute hospital with multidisciplinary expertise. This means patients with complex conditions and comorbidities are in the safest hands at the Royal Free Hospital because we treat our patients holistically by providing access to all our world-class subspecialties, and not only cancer.

Our hospitals are campuses of University College Medical School and conduct important medical research, much of it of international status. With over 40 years of experience pioneering research and treatments, we have been instrumental in continually improving clinical care and experience for patients across the globe. As a founding member of the academic health science network UCL Partners, we train world-renowned doctors, nurses, midwives and many other clinical and non-clinical professionals.