Pain management

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Our private Pain management services are provided at the Hadley Wood Hospital, High Barnet.

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These include some of the latest minimally invasive treatments, such as nerve root and nerve block injections which can be highly effective for joint and nerve pain, as well as platelet-rich plasma injections, and lidocaine infusion and sometimes ketamine infusions.

Why choose Hadley Wood?

The treatments we offer are considered for certain types of pain, often alongside treatments such as specialist medications, physiotherapy, and so on, which may be equally effective, and less invasive. Indeed, a wider treatment plan including physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation can be very useful for people whose pain is preventing them from exercising. These treatments can get people going again, and help to reduce or even ‘switch off’ the body’s pain responses, so patients are then able to get mobile again as they continue with physiotherapy.

We understand living with acute or chronic, longstanding pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life, and on your psychological and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health. Our specialists are here to help. Our goal is to help guide you towards the most suitable solutions for you, so you can regain control of your pain symptoms and move forwards with your life. We aim to help you feel comfortable and well cared-for at Hadley Wood Hospital, and providing a friendly, and supportive atmosphere is very important to us.


For us, the consultation is a key part of the patient journey. We are committed to ensuring all patients feel fully informed about their treatment options, along with any associated risks, and supporting you in making the right decision for you. Through an extended initial consultation, the pain specialist can help you to understand the causes of your pain problem, improve the medications you might be taking for it while minimising side effects, and can advise you on the appropriate treatments for your pain, and perhaps also the low mood and other difficulties your pain may bring.

After care

Any interventional pain management procedures we recommend can be are carried out on a day-case basis, meaning you should be able to go home soon afterwards. But aftercare is still very important. Some treatments will require a short stay, perhaps a couple of hours or after your procedure. We will ensure your needs and comfort are well taken care of during your time in hospital, and that you are fully equipped with all the advice and information you need when you go home. Generally speaking, a follow-up appointment with your specialist will be recommended as standard.

Meet our consultants

We work with leading experts who are all supported by the expertise of a multidisciplinary team. Our specialist team of doctors and surgeons includes: