Transjugular liver biopsy (TJ biopsy) is an alternative to standard percutaneous liver biopsy for the diagnosis and monitoring of liver disease. TJ biopsy is performed in the interventional radiology suite by radiology and hepatology consultants and is suitable for patients with abnormal clotting or ascites due to liver disease, which may increase the risks involved in standard liver biopsy. We pioneered the use of TJ biopsy in the management of liver disease and now perform more than 250 procedures a year.

The transjugular approach is very safe, as the biopsy is taken from within the liver itself, through the wall of the hepatic vein, under radiological control. As the patient does not have to hold his/her breath for the procedure, we can perform it under some sedation; this is helpful for those patients anxious about the procedure. Patients can be directly referred for transjugular liver biopsy to our hepatology consultants. We also perform endoscopic ultrasound biopsies of the pancreas and biliary system.

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